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Texas Business Owners Can Now Apply For Additional Capital.

Texas is literally the largest state in the southern U.S. and is known for its unforgettable cities, landmarks, and terrain. With over 26 million residents, Texas is the second most populated state in the country. But this is not what is most shocking about the great state of Texas. Did you know that Texas has over 1.7 million small businesses? Of those small businesses only 399,323 have employees. The remainder have no employees and are not the self-employed individuals! The number of self-employed persons in Texas was 1.2 million! First Merchant Access knows Texas business and works hard to ensure these small businesses have the funding they need to keep on growing. Whether you are restaurant owner, car dealership, auto mechanic, or florist, we can help you find funding options regardless of your industry, credit, or collateral. Dallas and Houston are major cities in Texas and both sit on the list of top ten small business markets. This tells us that Texas as a whole is a strong asset to the economic growth of the nation as a whole. First Merchant Access aims to ensure those businesses have the funding they need, when they need it!

First Merchant Access Offers Dallas & Houston Small Businesses Reliable Funding Solutions!

Whether your business is based in Dallas or Houston, First Merchant Access can help you secure the funding you need to expand your business comfortably. With a variety of funding solutions, First Merchant Access gives business owners the freedom to build a cash plan tailored to their needs. No credit or collateral are needed. Simply apply and one of the FMA agents will contact you to walk you through the funding process. It is that simple! First Merchant Access believes that every small business should have access to the capital their business needs to grow. Dallas, TX is one of the largest cities in the U.S. with over 100,000 small businesses and some of the most jaw dropping architecture. First Merchant Access knows that Dallas businesses struggle to secure the funding they need in order to keep up with the growing demand.  Banks are no longer an option small businesses can rely on. It is just impossible for businesses to qualify for additional capital through banks and traditional lenders. But applying for a loan is now easy and fast! First Merchant Access gives Dallas, Houston, Austin, and all other Texas based businesses the ability to receive cash for their business when they need it. Apply today and give your business the funding it needs to grow.