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What Our Clients Are Saying

Let us help you bring your business the necessary funding it needs today.

“They helped me get the cash I needed, when I needed it. I was able to hire more staff and purchase new equipment.”

“First Merchant Access helped me when all other banks turned me down. Thanks to them, I was able to establish my business.”

“I recently needed additional capital and banks were not an option. First Merchant Access helped me get cash I needed.”

“First Merchant Access was amazing. They treated me like a human and got me the cash I needed for my business in 2 days.”

“There were no hoops to jump through at all. I simply called, set up a merchant interview and that was it.”

“An opportunity to grow my business came along, and I needed additional funds quickly to take advantage. They were there for me” – Heresa Pineda

“They helped me through the process, connected with the underwriters, and made the whole experience quick & easy. Highly recommend.” – Mark A. Hoehn

“We are a small, third generation family business. First Merchant Access understood the cycles that we faced, and worked hard at finding us the right funding products.” – Scoville Plumbing & Heating

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