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FMA: Putting your Business First

We understand that businesses will have a need for funding consistently or from time to time. We at First Merchant Access are committed to being the first and best source of capital for every business, without the red tape and hoops traditional lenders put hardworking business owners through. Our knowledge, experience, and contacts here at First Merchant Access, are second to none. That is why we have one of the largest approval rates in the country.

When traditional banks say no, First Merchant Access finds a way to say YES!

First Merchant Access was founded by leading finance industry veterans, who realized there was a huge gap between business owners who need working capital and the banks that keep telling them no. First Merchant Access is here to help bridge that gap and give business owners access to working capital. We understand the difficulties and hardships it takes for businesses to access funds in a timely manner. The traditional banks typically only want to lend to businesses, which actually DO NOT need the money. Yet even those business owners who are fortunate enough to not need money, but instead want financing for an amazing opportunity. They have stated that they can’t seem to find a bank that can move fast enough, when their need for capital arise.