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QUICK SUMMARY Do you need funding to get a great idea off the ground? Or, perhaps you’re already running a successful small business, but you have to relocate or you’re ready to expand. For whatever reason, you need cash. Major banks and lending institutions have never been known for rolling out the welcome mat to entrepreneurs and small businesses with no long-term track record (although according to the 2014 Small Business Success...

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BY MINDA ZETLIN Co-author, ‘The Geek Gap’ Do you believe all entrepreneurs are charismatic and daring? According to Bill Aulet, lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, you’re very much mistaken. Beginning in January, Aulet will be teaching online courses designed for aspiring entrepreneurs as part of edX, an online education initiative from Harvard and MIT. Aulet is a serial entrepreneur himself. He’s...

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When you are about to start a business or even think of expanding your base, the first question to answer is why you want to do it. Of course, the answer is because you want to be that way and be successful. The second question is how you are going to do it. This is the question that most leaders get stuck on. For different industries the answers vary. However, there are some things that thriving businesses do that can be implemented...

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