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California Business Owners Can Now Apply For Additional Cash!

California is 900 miles of amazing coastal terrain encompassing cliff-lined beaches, redwood forests, Central Valley farmland, and of course the famous dry Mojave Desert.  Aside from being known for its unforgettable terrain, California is also home to over 38.8 million people and over 500,000 small businesses. California is the second largest small business state in the country, with New York City taking first place. Small business owners in California struggle to keep up with the ever changing economy and regulations. Recently, minimum wage was increased which is going to be a burden on the small businesses not large corporations. To help balance these financial burdens, First Merchant Access offers business owners the ability to apply and qualify for additional funding which can help increase staff, equipment, space, and more. At First Merchant Access, our goal is simple, to help you get the funding you need, when you need it. California business owners need someone they can rely on when they need a loan or cash funding. First Merchant Access is that reliable source and the key to financial freedom!

First Merchant Access Gives Los Angeles Small Businesses Funding to Expand!

First Merchant Access was established to help business owners throughout California and especially in Los Angeles County, achieve their financial goals. Los Angeles is currently the top 3 leader in the polls with the second largest number of small businesses in one city. Los Angeles has over 215,000 small business which all could have a need for additional funding or capital. First Merchant Access is well established in the Los Angeles market and has been offering merchant cash advances, small business loans, and other merchant solutions to small and mid-sized business owners. Banks have made it almost impossible for businesses to qualify for additional capital without having perfect credit and a lots of collateral. But applying for a loan is now simplified and the process has never been quicker. First Merchant Access gives Los Angeles businesses the ability to qualify for cash their business needs. Apply today and give your business the funding it needs to grow and succeed.