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Arkansas Business Owners Need Capital To Grow.

Arkansas is a state worth visiting and home to many attractions as well as historic landmarks.  It is also home to 2.9 million people and over a hundred thousand businesses. Attractions in Arkansas like the Hot Springs, Eureka Springs, the Mississippi River, and other activities such as their northeast trails, limestone caves, and Blanchard Springs Caverns all attract tourism revenue for small businesses. Small business owners in Arkansas need capital from time to time in order to thrive on the revenue tourism and all these wonderful attractions bring about. First Merchant Access is their source for funding and growth so that they can keep up with the demand with out the unnecessary stress. With a variety of solutions, Arkansas business owners can now utilize First Merchant Access to capitalize on current channels of revenue, penetrate new markets and increase profits.

Number of Women Owned Businesses Increase in Arkansas!

The number of women-owned businesses in Arkansas has been on the rise in the last few years. According to reports such as the fifth annual State of Women-Owned Business Report, women-owned businesses have increased by 70 percent in the last 15 years in Arkansas alone. This marks a milestone in the states history and gives way for a new market of growth. First Merchant Access offers business solutions that help any business owner grow and succeed in any market. Our team of financial experts assists you in acquiring the capital you need to build your business comfortably.

First Merchant Access Gives Little Rock Small Businesses Financial Freedom!

First Merchant Access was established to help business owners like those in Little Rock, Arkansas achieve financial freedom. Little Rock is known for many things such as being the Capital to Arkansas. It is also known for hosting the Clinton Presidential Center which houses Bill Clinton’s presidential archives and exhibits. Hardworking business owners seek capital daily in Little Rock, AZ only to be turned down by traditional lenders such as banks. Banks have made it almost impossible for businesses to qualify for additional capital which limits their growth and usually brings about the closing of a business. First Merchant Access cares about the hardworking business owner and aims to help every client receive the funding they need to grow and profit. Specialized solutions are in place to give Little Rock businesses the ability to receive cash for their business when they need it and fast! Apply today for a no risk estimate on your funding options. No Credit or Collateral are needed. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Apply now!